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8oz Natural-Process Beans from Uganda

Pair Cupworks

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HEADS UP! Sweet flavors of dark cherry chocolate and lemongrass add pep to your step! Grown by the Bukonzo Farmers Group and natural-processed by Kyagalanyi Coffee at Kisinga Washing Station in Uganda. We love the copious amounts of natural sweetness and a hint of citrus zest in this coffee!

  • Origin: Rwenzori, Uganda
  • Elevation: 2100 masl
  • Varietal: SL14, SL28
  • Grower: Bukonzo Farmers Group
  • Producer: Kyagalanyi Coffee & Kisinga Washing Station
  • Process: Natural
  • Roasted by Pair Cupworks
  • Quantity: 8 dry oz (226 grams) 

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