8oz Thermic-Process Coffee Beans from Costa Rica

Pair Cupworks

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LOOK ALIVE, it's October! Get ready for a lively combo of flavors spiced currants, dried cranberries, and hibiscus! Finca Cordillera de Fuego in Costa Rica is at it again, with their new “termico” process, caramelizing the coffee cherries before fermenting for extra fruity sweetness!

We hope this tasty coffee and energizing flavor profile will inspire you to take notice, take action, and do good (SAFELY) during this critical time! 

Finca Cordillera de Fuego is certainly building a reputation for great coffee. You might recognize the name of the farm; it's the same farm that produced one of our previous coffees   the one with cute little booty and that unmistakeable cinnamon raisin flavor. Find it in our blog if you're feeling nostalgic. However, this thermic-processed one is much livelier, brighter, and fruitier! Learn more about their innovative processing technique in the link below!

  • Origin: Tarrazú, Costa Rica
  • Elevation: 1600 - 1750 meters ASL
  • Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
  • Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos
  • Farm: Finca Cordillera del Fuego
  • Process: Termico (Thermic)
  • Tasting Notes: dried cranberries, currants, cinnamon, nutmeg, hibiscus
  • Roasted by Pair Cupworks
  • Quantity: 8 dry oz (226 grams) 

More info at https://www.genuineorigin.com/site/images/factsheets/factsheet-GEN20CRM05.pdf

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