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Floating Leaves Tea

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Dong Ding

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Dong Ding

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WOODSY WITH NOTES OF MALTED BARLEY! This tea warms our soul with seemingly endless re-steeps. This is a traditional-style Dong Ding oolong with a nice mid-oxidation level and just enough roast for a hint of nuttiness!

  • Origin: Dong Ding, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Traditional Tea Name: 凍頂烏龍茶 (Dòng dǐng wūlóngchá)
  • Cultivar: "Soft Stem" 軟枝, (Ruǎn zhī)
  • Farming: Unsprayed
  • Oxidation Level: medium
  • Harvest: mature leaves picked in April 2021, roasted December 2021
  • Shaping: ball/pearl
  • Maximum Brew Temperature:  212° F, 100° C
  • Liquor Color: rum-colored
  • Quantity: 30g, about 5 portions
  • Re-steeps: approximately 7-8

Use the label color to help you brew! Steep your leaves at the recommended brew temperature and wait until the liquor color matches. We like brewing this by steeping in a tight vessel where the leaves can unfurl slowly. After the initial steeps, try steeping the leaves overnight in the refrigerator for some delicious cold-brew iced tea!

We source this tea from Ms. Shiuwen who runs Floating Leaves Tea, a fabulous and captivating lady with a unique take on tea! She sources directly from talented farmers in Taiwan every season. Here's what she has to say:

Our long time friends Mr. and Mrs. Su are very specific about their tea. They have maintained a traditional tea making style over the years because they believe in the tea of their ancestors.

The bushes that this tea is harvested from are essentially left to grow wild. They are old, with lichen and moss growing on the thick trunks of these shrubs. By not interfering with the natural process, the bushes that survive become strong and resilient. Tea harvested from these bushes has a depth of character that isn't possible with large production tea. It makes us happy!

This tea is "Traditional" in the sense that it was processed the way Dong Ding has been processed for decades. It has a deeper, more full feeling broth than many modern oolongs (high mountain or baozhong for example) because it has gone through a longer "lang qing" process to evenly distribute natural enzymes throughout the leaf. It's also withered in natural sunlight -- never in big air-conditioned facilities of bigger tea factories -- which affords the tea a very clean, natural profile.

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