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Floating Leaves Tea

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Ruby18

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Ruby18

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DRIED ROSES & DUTCH COCOA NOTES! This tea is all about first impressions, presenting you with a generous bouquet of roses! It's that crisp black tea flavor you know and love, but with a smooth mouthfeel!

  • Origin: Sun Moon Lake Region, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Cultivar: Ruby18
  • Other Growing Info: conventional
  • Oxidation Level: full
  • Harvest: mature leaves picked in April 2022
  • Shaping: whole leaf
  • Maximum Brew Temperature:  212° F, 100° C
  • Liquor Color: amber red
  • Quantity: 30g, about 4-5 portions
  • Re-steeps: approximately 3-4

Use the label color to help you brew! Steep your leaves with water no hotter than the recommended maximum brew temperature and wait until the liquor color matches. 

We like brewing this by full-steeping in a vessel where water can circulate freely like a spacious teapot. After the initial steeps, try cold steeping the leaves overnight for some delicious cold-brew iced tea!

We source this tea from Ms. Shiuwen who runs Floating Leaves Tea, a fabulous and captivating lady with a unique take on tea! She sources directly from talented farmers in Taiwan every season. Here's what she has to say:

"Ruby 18 is a modern Taiwanese invention, also known as Sun Moon Lake black tea. This cultivar is a cross between indigenous Taiwanese tea bushes and Assam varietal bushes. It was bred by a member of the Taiwan Tea reform institute back in 1999."

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