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30g Matcha - Ceremonial Grade

30g Matcha - Ceremonial Grade

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This fine matcha has got smooth moves - deliciously floral, hints of sweet hay, rich umami, and just enough astringency for complexity. Each portion is individually sealed at the source in a foil-lined bag, and is finished in a stylish green jacket.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Oxidation Level: green tea
  • Farming: "Naturally Grown" without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Harvest: young leaves picked in Spring, with some older harvests blended for flavor and texture
  • Grind date: May 2022
  • Maximum Brew Temperature: 175° F, 80° C
  • Liquor Color: deep emerald green

We like to prepare this using 2 grams of matcha and 100ml of warm water in a rounded bowl, whipped into a smooth foam using a traditional bamboo whisk. This yields a creamy texture and a rich mouthfeel, great to sip on its own, and also awesome over iced sparkling water.

We source this tea from Mr. Chun of Yunomi Tea, whose company mission is to connect Japanese tea farmers direct to the world!

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