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8oz Anaerobic-Process Beans from Costa Rica

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Cradle your tastebuds in nostalgic flavors of cinnamon and raisin! This anaerobically fermented coffee is produced by Luis Eduardo Campos, grown at Finca Cordillera del Fuego. Every time we roast this coffee, it's like stepping into a bakery! Drift away on the aroma of fresh raisin bread! The producer's commitment to innovation shines through, yielding a distinct and unique flavor profile in the final cup!

  • Origin: Tarrazú, Costa Rica
  • Elevation: 1600 - 1750 meters ASL
  • Varietal/Cultivar: Caturra
  • Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos
  • Farm: Finca Cordillera del Fuego
  • Process: Anaerobic
  • Roasted by Pair Cupworks
  • Quantity: 8 dry oz (226 grams) 

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