San Francisco Coffee Fest 2022

San Francisco Coffee Fest 2022

Making the trek to San Francisco Coffee Fest has become one of our cherished yearly events. This year, Kimhak made the trip alone due to needing all his staff at the shop but still made waves at this years festival. Huge shout out to Hubert Tai for helping this year as well. 

Faunus, owner of Ain’t Normal Cafe, went bigger and better than last year with acquiring more event space. This really opened up the ability for the featured roasters to showcase their coffees. The line up for this year was pretty similar to last years with Cosmic Dust, Steady State and Pair Cupworks leading the charge into this massive crowd of coffee enthusiast. 

Both days were packed full of conversations, camaraderie, and endless caffeine jolts. There was a total of 4,000 cups served that weekend and each one was a joy to deliver. On top of being able to explain our coffee and our reasoning for choosing it, connecting with our customer base in the Bay Area was a highlight of the year!

Thank you Ain’t Normal Cafe for having us again this year. It truly means the world to us that we’re able to partner up once again. Also, thank you Cosmic Dust and Steady State for being there with us; it’s always a treat to work along side you. 

Ain't Normal Cafe is located in Oakland, California. Steady State Roasting Co. is located in Carlsbad, California. Cosmic Dust Coffee Roasters is based in San Jose, California. Check them out, info below! Till next year! 

Ain't Normal Cafe: @aintnormalcafe |

Steady State Roasting Co: @steadystateroasting |

Cosmic Dust Coffee Roasters: @cosmicdustcoffee |

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