San Fransisco Coffee Festival 2021

San Fransisco Coffee Festival 2021

The blaring, 3:30am alarm set the night before was what started our day. Exhausted from packaging all our coffee the night before, we drowsily jam packed our car with coffee and provisions. 

We kickstarted our 12 hour trek at 4:20am with nothing but excitement and the wide open road. The first leg of this trip consisted of only pitstops for gas, bathroom breaks, and greasy fast food. 

We made our way into the busy city of Los Angeles, caffeine and sleep deprived, in search of sustenance. Our first stop was Bloom & Plume Coffee, a multi-roaster cafe located right next to Echo Park who’s esthetic was addicting. They were serving some amazing coffee from Black and White Coffee Roasters who are located in North Carolina. With our caffeine tanks only at fifty percent, we headed to another shop called Eyes Peeled.

Eyes Peeled had a vibe that emulated the warm LA embrace and the welcoming committee only made this more true. Gavy and Joselyn’s energy was truly what we needed and definitely a highlight of this trip. If either of you are reading this, thank you so much for your hospitality! 

Flying on this caffeine high, we headed northbound to our destination. Many, many miles later, we were welcomed by rolling green hills, windmills and an intense sunset that only added to the exalted feeling of reaching our destination. 

After a very much needed full nights sleep, we headed to Ain’t Normal Cafe, a shop owned by Faunus Lucas, and located in Oakland CA. We filled up on fantastic coffee’s from roasters such as Steady State, Luminous and Little Wolf. Here is where we want to personally thank Faunus and the Ain’t Normal Cafe staff that let us showcase our coffee! This would not have been possible if it weren’t for you! Thank you! 

Nourished by a concoction of coffee and pastries, we headed to the event space where SF Coffee Fest would take place in order to prepare our booth. 

And so, the day had come! To say I was happy and excited would be an understatement and waking up at 5:30am had never been easier! The first day was definitely adrenaline filled, with hundreds of people rushing our way, eager to try all our coffee. We were also eager to serve and have conversations with everyone here. I think one of my biggest take away from this trip would have to be the conversations that were had with both people from the coffee industry and the customer base that Pair Cupworks has cultivated in the Bay Area. 

We ended SF Coffee Fest hungry, tired, and mentally drained but with such an acute feeling of bliss. The abundance of support from both the coffee industry and the customer base solidified our reasons of doing what we do. When asked by people if we would come back, our immediate answer is YES! A hundred times YES! 

Here are some final thoughts from Eddy on the trip to San Fransisco Coffee Fest 2021:

Q: Why did you choose to go to SF coffee fest? 

EP: I really wanted to go so that I can meet the customer base out in the Bay Area. I also wanted the opportunity to showcase our coffee and explain to everyone why we are so excited about what we are doing. 

Q: What was the highlight of this trip? 

EP: Some of this trips highlights were meeting so many people from the coffee industry who we haven't been able to see due to the pandemic. Speaking with some of our customers was also great because I saw hoe excited they were which only amped me up even more. Meeting with some of the Forest Coffee producers was also very special because we use their Wush Wush and they were able to see and taste the finished product. 

Q: Would you call this a successful trip? Why? 

EP: This trip was a huge success. Like I said before, the true goal was to have conversations with people and connect in a more personal level. 

Q: Would you come back next year?

There is no question I would go back if given the chance! It was one of the best times I've ever had! 

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