SOLD OUT! 28g Loose-leaf Tea - Buddha Hand

SOLD OUT! 28g Loose-leaf Tea - Buddha Hand

This tea is sold out!

It was difficult to pinpoint the flavor notes of this tea. As I sat at my desk, wondering what to write, the scent of the tea was strong and distracting! We aren't carrying this tea any more, but you can find similar teas from our vendor's website:


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This tea will greet you with sweet flavors of oatmeal cookies and dried citrus peel. As the steeps progress, new flavors emerge --mineral undertones, citrus rind, and a hint of lychee fruitiness. Don't try to multi-task as you drink this tea because you'll be too distracted by the fragrant smell! 

This tea is named after its cultivar, Buddha Hand, and the plant is known for having extra-large leaves that are big enough to high-five! After picking and processing, it's gently roasted, creating those tasty caramelized flavors.

  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Traditional Tea Name: 佛手茶  
  • Cultivar: Buddha Hand
  • Oxidation Level: medium
  • Harvest: mature leaves picked in November 2019
  • Shaping: ball/pearl
  • Maximum Brew Temperature:  212° F, 100° C
  • Liquor Color: bright whiskey color
  • Quantity: 28g (1 ounce), about 5 portions
  • Re-steeps: approximately 3-4
We like brewing in a tight vessel, like a gaiwan or small unglazed clay teapot, where the leaves can unfurl slowly. After the initial steeps, try cold steeping the leaves overnight for some delicious cold-brew iced tea!

We source this tea from Ms. Shiuwen who runs Floating Leaves Tea, a fabulous and captivating lady with a unique take on tea! She sources directly from talented farmers in Taiwan every season!
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