SOLD OUT! 8oz Natural-Process Beans from Honduras

SOLD OUT! 8oz Natural-Process Beans from Honduras

This coffee is sold out!

Thank you for all the kind words for those who gave us awesome feedback on this coffee. We were a little worried about releasing this one because the flavor profile was different from the floral and bright coffees that we have had on our menu. Surprise! People loved it! And it has encouraged us to source other green coffees with different tasting notes. I personally loved making this label. It was inspired by drawing 101 classes where the teachers made us sketch basic shapes.

- Eugenia

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In case you wanted to reminisce on this beauty, here's the original post:

BACK TO BASICS! Plum, grapefruit, and a caramel finish – calibrate your palate with this classic flavor profile! This Obata varietal coffee is grown by Evelyn Tabora from Siete de Julio Farm and natural-processed in Honduras. We invite both new and experienced drinkers to enjoy the simplicity of this balanced coffee. Easily identify the building blocks of flavor: acidity, sweetness, and a hint of bitters!

  • Origin: Copan, Honduras
  • Elevation: 1075 masl
  • Varietal: Obata
  • Farmer: Evelyn Tabora
  • Farm: Siete de Julio
  • Process: Natural
  • Roasted by Pair Cupworks
  • Quantity: 8 dry oz (226 grams) 

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