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#108 Reposado Natural-Processed Milenio Coffee Beans from Costa Rica

#108 Reposado Natural-Processed Milenio Coffee Beans from Costa Rica

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Black Currant, Red Wine, & Cacao Nibs -- Pleasantly Funky!  This Milenio varietal was grown and processed using the Reposado natural method by the Alvarado family at Finca Los Tonos in Brunca, Costa Rica
  • Origin: Buena Vista, Rivas, Brunca, Costa Rica
  • Altitude: 1700-1850 masl
  • Grower/Producer: The Alvarado Family at Finca Los Tonos
  • Processing: Reposado Natural
  • Variety: Milenio

From the producer Selva Specialty Coffee:

There is something special happening in the southernmost coffee growing region of Costa Rica. In an area previously known for mediocre coffee quality - a few select families are venturing out into the specialty industry and we are absolutely loving it. The Alvarado Family, in particular, have set themselves apart in the small village of Rivas at the foot of Chirripo, the tallest peak in Costa Rica. Over the years they have been planting coffee trees higher and higher in altitude, selecting unique varieties, and constructed their own processing station in order to produce outstanding lots. The family is extremely motivated and ambitious to continue growing and creating some of the most attractive coffees coming out of the country. This year, they placed 3rd in COE with their Milenio Variety. We can see a lot of future potential in this producing family as well as the growing area they are in overall.

Los Tonos is named after the previous owner of the farm as well as the right hand worker of the farmer, Johnny, and his son who is very involved in the business is named Tono too. They bought the property from Tono 5 years ago and it already had bad, old coffee planted; so they re-planted with a new and burgeoning hybrid variety called Milenio, an F1 cross between Rume Sudan and Timor 2596, in that time it was coming out and said to be good so they took a chance on it with 3000 plants from CATIE. After 1 year of planting the coffee, the trees immediately began to give fruit. The lot is in La Piedra de Rivas and has an elevation of 1500-1700masl. Last year they won 3rd place with this coffee. This plantation is already full of coffee, but they are planting more Milenio in other areas.

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