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Floating Leaves Tea

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Yunnan Gold

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Yunnan Gold

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Woodsy and Resinous with a hint of Dried Apricot! This tea is perfect for a mindful and reflective session. Picked from old growth trees in Yunnan, China!

  • Origin: Yunnan China
  • Cultivar: Big Leaf Assamica (大葉種)
  • Other Growing Info: unsprayed
  • Oxidation Level: full
  • Harvest: buds and mature leaves, Spring 2022
  • Shaping: whole leaf, gentle twist
  • Maximum Brew Temperature:  212° F, 100° C
  • Liquor Color: amber red
  • Quantity: 30g, about 4-5 portions
  • Re-steeps: approximately 3-4

Use the label color to help you brew! Steep your leaves with water no hotter than the recommended maximum brew temperature and wait until the liquor color matches. 

We like brewing this by full-steeping in a vessel where water can circulate freely like a spacious teapot. After the initial steeps, try cold steeping the leaves overnight for some delicious cold-brew iced tea!

We source this tea from Ms. Shiuwen who runs Floating Leaves Tea, a fabulous and captivating lady with a unique take on tea! Here's what she has to say:

"High quality picking from old tea trees in Yunnan, this material usually destined for puerh since demand is so high. We specially commission it as a black tea because it has a rich, clean broth and ages well. The tea was finished in the traditional method, over a wood fire, so you may notice a very light smokiness akin to some traditionally processed puerh. Good quantity of furry golden buds mixed into slender mature leaves."

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