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#96 Natural-Processed Coffee Beans from Myanmar

#96 Natural-Processed Coffee Beans from Myanmar

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Nutella, Prune & Floral Pomello  -- A lovely addition to your morning ritual! This coffee is an easy drinker with nutty and chocolate notes. A prune-like finish gives it richness, and the cup is elevated from the florality and hint of bitterness reminiscent of pomelo fruit.

We love sourcing coffees from Asia as a way to support growing specialty operations in the region and look forward to getting beans from Myanmar every year. This lot is grown and natural-processed by the Danu community in Kyauk Ku Pyin.

  • Origin: Kyauk Ku Pyin, Myanmar
  • Elevation: 1356 masl
  • Grower/Producer: Danu Community
  • Varietal: Catuai
  • Processing: Natural-processed

From the importer, Atlas Coffee Importers:

Our final stop of the day was in Kyauk Ku Pyin, where 400 Danu families grow Catuai coffee at an elevation of 1,356 masl. Their coffee was one of the brightest and most citric naturals I’ve cupped, and like all the others it was remarkably clean. While we met with the women and men driving specialty coffee production, a woman arrived on foot carrying a bag and a basket of pristinely-ripe coffee cherry. She was not a tall person, and it looked like a lot of coffee on her back. We weighed it, and found out she’d carried 110 pounds of coffee for fifteen minutes to get there. We were all humbled to consider the effort it takes to produce every single pound of coffee that comes out of these communities.
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