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Floating Leaves Tea

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Oriental Beauty

30g Loose-leaf Tea - Oriental Beauty

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Bathe your senses in honey sweetness! To produce this tea, the garden must be pristine to entice leaf-hopper bugs. When they nibble on the leaves, the plant releases terpenes as a natural defense mechanism resulting in honey-like sweetness and aroma. This process may cause reduced yields, which means these types of bug-bitten teas have an inherently limited production, but oh-so-worth-it!

  • Origin: Pinglin, Taiwan
  • Traditional Tea Name: 東方美人茶
  • Cultivar: Qing Xin
  • Other Growing Info: bug-bitten
  • Oxidation Level: medium-heavy
  • Shaping: loose, dried whole leaves
  • Maximum Brew Temperature:  185° F, 85° C
  • Liquor Color: Bright Reddish Orange
  • Quantity: 30g, about 5 portions
  • Re-steeps: approximately 3-4

We like brewing this by full-steeping in a vessel where water can circulate freely like a spacious teapot. After the initial steeps, try cold steeping the leaves overnight for some delicious cold-brew iced tea!

We source this tea from Ms. Shiuwen who runs Floating Leaves Tea, a fabulous and captivating lady with a unique take on tea! She sources directly from talented farmers in Taiwan every season. Find out more about Oriental Beauty teas in her podcast:


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