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#89 Natural-Processed Coffee Beans from Colombia - Red Bourbon

#89 Natural-Processed Coffee Beans from Colombia - Red Bourbon

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Tropical Fruit Shuffle! -- Tropical fruit flavors stack together for a satisfying combo! This red bourbon varietal is punchy and fun. Level-up your brew game with this adventurous coffee!

  • Origin: Region Acevedo, Huila, Colombia
  • Elevation: 1750 masl
  • Farm/Producer: Finca Las Flores, Johan Manuel Vergara Ayure, Lohas Beans
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Processing: Natural, "Casa Elba" drying process
  • Harvest Time: October-December

From the importer, Genuine Origin:

Finca Las Flores was founded in the 1990s. It grew from an 18,000-tree farm to a 90,000-tree estate. In 2006, the Ayure family dived into the world of specialty coffee by participating in the Cup of Excellence competition. Since then, they’ve worked towards improving and differentiating their green coffee offerings with the help of their son, Johan.

Located in the city of Acevedo in the Huila department at 1,730 masl, Finca Las Flores is no stranger to taking calculated risks and reaping the rewards. The estate is continuously researching and experimenting with coffee varietals and coffee-processing methods to develop distinct Colombian coffee profiles. Today, the Ayure family cultivates Red, Pink, and Yellow Bourbon, Tabi, Java, Maracaturra, and Geisha varietals, as well as exotics like Wush Wush and Sidra.

This natural process Red Bourbon coffee, sourced in partnership with Lohas Beans, is a unique lot of unroasted coffee from Huila. The complex cup profile includes floral, fruity, and winey notes, with a lactic acidity complemented by a creamy body.
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