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Natural-Processed Coffee Beans from Costa Rica

Natural-Processed Coffee Beans from Costa Rica

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Chocolate, Plum, & Honeydew Melon! -- A smooth trio of flavors! This coffee was grown by various smallholder farmers and processed by Beneficio San Diego in Tarrazú, Costa Rica! We love this coffee for its rounded flavor and sweetness. It has low acidity, but it's definitely not boring!

  • Origin: Tarrazú, Costa Rica
  • Elevation: 1200-1750 masl
  • Farm/Producer: Various smallholders, San Diego Mill
  • Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing: Natural-processed
  • Harvest Time: November - March

From the importer, Genuine Origin:

Beneficio San Diego is the most modern mill in Costa Rica. It was established in 1888 and has been innovating ever since. Today Beneficio San Diego specializes in coffees from Tarrazú and Tres Rí¬os regions. The mill takes pride in striving for ever increasing efficiency and quality standards. At the same time it has taken a leading role in working with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production.

This unique natural coffee was cultivated by Tarrazú region farmers who delivered cherry to the San Diego wet mill. At the mill, the coffee was laid out with the fruit intact and turned regularly to promote even drying...

Costa Rica coffees sell at a premium. The country has a reputation for delivering high quality and for innovation – a winning combination. Costa Rica’s quality socio-economic infrastructure programs such as universal healthcare, high education levels, sophisticated agronomy and research, and well-regulated agricultural sustainability programs certainly contribute to the high cost of coffee. Additionally, when coffee roasters buy Costa Rican green coffee, producers receive nearly 80% of the FOB value, guaranteed.
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