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Wash-Processed Coffee Beans from Ethiopia - Sidama

Wash-Processed Coffee Beans from Ethiopia - Sidama

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Tangerine & Floral Honey -- This coffee’s true flavor blossoms as it cools down! These beans were grown by smallholder farmers and wash-processed by Dembi Wet/Dry Station in Sidama, Ethiopia!

Commemorate this happy coffee with a limited edition art print or download a free mobile phone wallpaper!

  • Origin: Daye Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia
  • Elevation: 1950-2500 masl
  • Varietal: Native Landraces
  • Farmers: Various Smallholders 1200 regular/1850 total
  • Mill: Dembi Wet/Dry Station
  • Process: Washed
  • Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Floral Honey
  • Roasted by Pair Cupworks
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